Pink Kush Shatter


Pink Kush Shatter

Indica-dominant Hybrid

AAAA Grade

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Pink Kush Shatter

Buy Pink Kush shatter online , its  comes from a powerful indica genetics. In a field of hybrids, Pink Kush is a pure indica. It’s deeply sedative with a profound ability to create a sense of calmness. If you want a hard-hitting indica for pain relief, this strain is it.

Pink Kush is earthy and sweet. Therefore it’s got hints of vanilla and summer-sweet berries. Expect euphoric and sleepy vibes, and approximately 20 percent THC. If you are looking for a bucket list-indica, this is it.

Shatter is arguably the epitome of premium concentrates. The extraction process is highly technical and incredibly refined. Shatter can reach concentrations upwards of 75 or 80 percent, making for an altogether surreal dab. With a beautiful, translucent, and glass-like appearance, shatter represents the best of what an extractor can create.




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